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David Kahn is deep and creative, but also somewhat shy.  He works with Yossi Stein for an advertising agency in Manhattan. Yossi is pushing to get their own clients and make Aliyah, and they compromise to make a 3 month pilot trip to Israel. When David finds he has Navua and extra powers, and Rabbi Shimon says that he’s obligated to listen to his dreams, he proceeds with caution.  David and Yossi are kidnapped, and his wife Chavi says she very frightened. They work with their ad clients, and develop a kiruv website. When David sees demonstrations against him, he is confused, but Rabbi Shimon tells him he is obligated to proceed. Rabbi Shimon is kidnapped, David uses his powers to help find Rabbi Shimon, and everyone is relieved that Rabbi Shimon will survive. The underlying theme is – what happens to a shy but strong person who has Navua thrust on him, how it generates both positive and negative reactions, and how he responds to slowly increasing attacks and setbacks.

Scene 1 - Commute to Manhattan, discussion in Central Park
We see David and Yossi going on  the LIRR train station from Lawrence to their office in Manhattan where they work in advertising. Yossi goes over to David’s desk, and suggests they eat their lunch in Central Park.  In the park, Yossi says, ‘We’ve been talking for a long time about moving to Israel, making Aliyah.  I think I can line up some clients so we can work remotely from Israel.  No more commute, and we’d be living in the Holy Land.’  David says, 'I'm skeptical and cautious‘.

Scene 2 - After Shabbos meal at David & Chavi Kahn's dining room, several weeks later
David and Yossi’s families are having a Shabbos meal together.  After the meal, they discuss Yossi's idea of working from Israel.  David & Chavi agree to a 3 month pilot trip, without quitting their jobs.

Scene 3 - Several weeks later, in Yossi & Esti Stein's living room, in Ramat Beit Shemesh
Pilot trip to Israel and sight-seeing, to tune of Our Hearts are in Yisroel
David called them together to reveal that he's having dreams that resemble Navua, and shows how he can split the water in glasses, and predict the stock market. David and Yossi agree they should get guidance from a Rav, and they decide to go to a Mekubel Talmud Chachim in Yerushalaim, Rabbi Yoseph Shimon.

Scene 4 - In Rabbi Yoseph Shimon's study
David (with Yossi) demonstrates his new powers, and they discuss what to do.  Rabbi Shimon says David should listen to the voice and take it seriously. 'I've suspected that at some point during the Jewish return to Israel, Navua might return. Good luck.'  On the drive home, David says that having a public personna is outside his comfort zone, but he'll do it. 

Scene 5 - In their office in Ramat Beit Shemesh
David and Yossi are working on their ad accounts, and on their 'Kiruv' website, and how to make use of the stock market predictions. Then they stay up on Shavuous night learning to the tune of Gonna get the Torah tonight.

Scene 6 - In their office, kidnapped, and driven to an unknown location
In their office they are discussing their work and website, when people in masks and guns burst through the door, kidnap David and Yossi, and drive them to an unknown location.  They find themselves in a locked room, and a voice on a loudspeaker says that if David gives the stock market numbers each day, they won't be hurt.

Scene 7 - In a room where they have been kidnapped
They've been learning for 5 days, and David says he's been told 6 additional numbers in a dream.  Yossi realizes it's the combination to the lock on their room. They exit to a small backyard surrounded by a tall brick wall. David picks up a metal bar, and uses it to fly them to the next town.  They go into a store, and borrow a phone to call Yossi's wife. The store owner makes them coffee, and they wait to be picked up.

Scene 8 - In the back seat of a Police car driving them home
While the police drive them home, Yossi says this will be amazing free publicity for their website. David doesn't want to participate in a press conference when they arrive home. 

Scene 9 - David, Chavi, and their kids at Shabbos meal
Chavi says that it's so great to have Dovid home, but she was so frightened while David was gone. They discuss why a Navi's life would be more dangerous. David says he's also uncomfortable with the negative reactions their website is generating - with some saying it's a harbinger of the third Temple, and that's generating a negative reaction among Arabs.  It's also having both a positive and negative reaction with non-religious Jews.

Scene 10 - David and Yossi in their office
They discuss catching up with their work, and the improving stats of their Kiruv website. They have lots of questions about David's 'mission' in light of the kidnapping, and the different reactions to the website, and they make an appointment to see Rabbi Shimon again.

Scene 11 -  With Rabbi Shimon
In a crucial scene, they say what's been happening to them, and ask Rabbi Shimon about it. Rabbi Shimon explains that David's navua is representative of mystical forces that are being unleashed as we approach the Geula, and these are both positive and negative forces. He says that they have to be strong and continue listening to the voice David is hearing.

Scene 12 - David and Chavi in their living room
Chavi says that a mutual friend of hers and Esti who made aliyah with her family to Ranaana, says that she is getting married, and invited them all to her wedding.  They drive to Ranaana, and we see the wedding, to the tune of People we Love.

Scene 13 - In the office, eating lunch
They discuss the progress of the website, and Yossi suggests a dramatic event - to split the waters in the Tel Aviv shore. David agrees. 

Scene 14 - David has interview with Fox news
David shows how he can split water, talks about the kidnapping, and about the positive and negative reactions to the website. 

Scene 15 - Tel Aviv port
David and Yossi and their families arrive in Tel Aviv port, David gets on a platform, and in front of a very large crowd - splits the water - and it is televised.

Scene 16 - In the office
They see that the reaction is off the charts, but there is also a dramatic increase in negative reactions.  They decide to daven with their families at the Kotel.

Scene 17 - At the Kotel
David and Yossi and their families are at the Kotel, when they hear a commotion on the Temple Mount. A reporter with a camera crew recognizes David, and interviews him. David then lifts himself in the air, and flies over Har Habayis, and the fighting stops as everyone stares at him in amazement.  He descends and rejoins his family, and they leave.

Scene 18 - At the office
David picks up the phone, and after a minute, walks over the Yossi and says that they both have to listen to this.  The voice says that they must stop their website and their activity. After the person hangs up, they call Rabbi Shimon who says they must continue their activiy and listening to the voice David is hearing. 

Scene 19 - At the office
Yossi answers the phone, and says it is Rabbi Shimon's Yeshiva, where Rabbi Shimon has been kidnapped.  There is a mad search, David uses his Navua to get clues, and they finally find Rabbi Shimon in a forest where he unconscious and has been very badly injured.

Scene 20 - Hospital
David and Yossi and their wives arrive at the hospital, where a crowd is praying, along with Rabbi Shimon's wife and married children. After a while, a doctor says that Rabbi Shimon is being operated on, and then says the operation was successful, but that he has been very badly injured. After a wait, they go into Rabbi Shimon's hospital room, where he is all hooked up, and he talks very quiety.  He says that the cosmic forces are being stirred up, and perhaps it's best if they lay low for a while - but that we must be persistent but patient. Rabbi Shimon falls back to sleep, and they leave the hospital.