Watch Navi-2 - (30 minutes)
Ben from Tel Aviv is not religious, and creates an AI machine called Ezra
that has ingested all Jewish religious writing.
Ben asks David and Yossi to help understand what Ezra is saying.

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Below is the first Navi movie

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Why we think it's important to make the Navi movie



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I'm sure the movie can bring inspiration and chizzuk to our brethren in spreading Hashem's words. Keep up your great work!
Eyal Gottlieb

The talent is definitely growing. Not only song but now even dialog. Waiting for Hollywood type productions. Best of luck.
Eliezer Zeiger

Very nice! Deep and creative.
Gedalya Hafner

Looks like you put a lot of creative thought and effort into this.
The mix of still drawings, inspirational images, musical effect and video is unique.
More Kosher than Disney.
Michoel Peres

Your creativity, energy and talent never ceases to amaze me. Meryl and I watched the movie and look forward to the sequel.
Conrad Nadell

You are always an inspiration! The film was fun to watch, and to listen to.
I really like the message of the film. As the light increases, so does the darkness to balance it out. It’s important to remember that to manage the balance, we have to do what we can to keep the light shining. It is a very clever but meaningful vehicle.
Meryl Nadell

I watched your movie and enjoyed it very much, both the story, graphic scenes and the songs. It was interesting, entertaining and kosher! Keep up the good effort.
Ari Gerber

Nice! Some good lessons to live by! 
I like the tune to the song “ Take it in stride……”
Benjamin Weiss

I watched your movie and enjoyed it.  Kol HaKavod.
Good luck in funding and bringing it to fruition.
Thanks, Lenny Solomon

Whoa! It's simply fantastic! You're such a talented genius! (Nothing personal.)
I love the music, and your bum-pata-bing-da-hoo stuff is very cool. Do I have to wait until Maschiach comes (next week) to see the sequel?!?!
Mike Marmor

I am awed by your creativity and sense of purpose. The ideas and concepts it deals with are very lofty and complex. It's a nice concept, and it's fun to hear you and your family take a Hollywood turn.
Yitz Berger

The movie is extremely well done. Tightly edited. The cartoons, photography, graphics, music were perfectly integrated. I liked that your family participated. It held my attention for the entire 54 minutes. A sequel perhaps? I appreciated the hi-tech dialogue in the mystical setting. The Rabbi's wisdom of expecting a negative reaction alongside the positive was interesting. I'm still thinking about why it ended with closing down the websites for now. Thank you for sharing it.
Phyllis Hershon

You should distribute the video.  It is very well done
Ezra Fried